3 reasons why you should do PPC instead of SEO

Should you concentrate your time and money on pay per click marketing or search engine optimisation? This is a question many small businesses have to answer. I believe that PPC is a much better investment in terms of time and money, and here’s why:


1. Faster results from PPC

It’s possible to decide to create a PPC campaign, get everything set up and be making money in a couple of days. You need to know which campaign settings to use and how to optimise your website for conversion (you’ll probably need a landing page depending on your product/service). The whole process can be pretty quick if you know what you’re doing.  SEO can take months and months of hard work to see results.


2. SEO success is not guaranteed

So you spend a year putting out amazing content and building links, only to see a small improvement in ranking for your targeted SEO keywords. This must be as frustrating as a game of Flappy Bird. PPC can also be shrouded in mystery, but to nowhere near the same extent as SEO. The various Google ‘slaps’ I’ve seen over the years have put many of my SEO-reliant friends out of business overnight. As a PPC-er I have viewed the destruction from afar and been largely unaffected by Google’s unforgiving smackdowns. PPC success is definitely not guaranteed either, but in my experience it’s a much safer bet than SEO.


3. Google prefers PPC over SEO

Hmmmm…so would Google prefer a user to click on the ‘free’ natural search result, or the paid ad that lines their shareholders’ pockets? Let’s go back in time to 2001, when Google first launched Adwords. Here’s what a search for ‘casinos’ looked like back then:



Just stop dreaming for a second about that time machine you wish you had so you could go back to 2001 with the knowledge you have now…

Look at this 2014 search for casinos:

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 10.48.45


Spot the difference? Where paid ads took up a small percentage of the screen above the fold (and were blindingly obvious), they now take up most of it, and are less obviously ads. And let’s not forget the rise of mobile. Here’s what a search for casino looks like on an iPhone:


Spot the natural search listing? No, me neither.


Google wants people to click on their ads as it makes them more money. SEO is being replaced by PPC. So this is why, if you want to get your business seen by people searching for your product, you need to be doing PPC.

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