5 Quick PPC Wins (30 second read)

Time is precious, so let’s jump straight in with these 5 quick PPC wins. If you like this article, please share it!

1) Include your keyword in your ad copy as much as possible

This is why it’s good to break down your keyword list into as many separate ad groups as possible, so you can tailor your ads to suit the keywords. The more you include your keyword in your ad, the better quality score you will achieve, leading to a higher click through rate (CTR).

2) Add more negative keywords

You should always be adding negative keywords to your campaign, especially if you’re using anything other than exact match keywords. Don’t waste clicks on irrelevant searches. And understand that people WILL click on your ad if it’s there, even if it’s for an irrelevant search.

3) Use Adwords Dynamic Keyword Insertion

Use {KeyWord:…} as your ad titles, where ‘…’ is a backup choice of keyword, and the title of your ad will match the searched-for keyword or phrase exactly. This can boost your CTR, but be sure to keep an eye on your back-end conversion rate as you don’t want a situation where your ad is ultra-relevant but your offer/product/service isn’t, as this will result in wasted clicks.

4) Use sitelink extensions

Using sitelink extensions means your ad will take up more of the screen, providing a CTR boost and making you look like a larger brand. But this is crucial: you need to make sure that your sitelinks go to pages which are all optimised for a PPC campaign. Don’t send people to places like an About page. Send them to pages with a definite call to action so that they are likely to convert.

5) Optimise your website for conversion

Double your website conversion rate and you halve your PPC costs. Think about that…




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