Why Adwords is still the King of Lead Generation

There’s no getting away from it – Google Adwords is the best source of leads for your business. Ignore the hype about Social Media, because this could lose you a lot of money very quickly. There’s no doubt that social media advertising is cheaper than Adwords, but cheap traffic is not what your business needs. What your business needs is quality traffic which converts into sales. Sales which make you more money than the cost of advertising. If you are not getting this from your online advertising, you are failing badly.

Here are some reasons why Google Adwords is still the King of Lead Generation:


1) Volume of traffic

We all know that Google is the biggest search engine in the world. Bing is desperately trying to eat into Google’s market share, and I hope they continue to do so – but for the near future people are using Google for their internet searches en masse. Mobile traffic is growing exponentially – and Google controls the bulk of the world’s smartphones – Android. Even iPhones use Google as the default search engine. I’m looking forward to a day when Apple decides to release it’s own search engine, but for now most things are being ‘Googled’.


2) Speed of setup

We are an increasingly impatient bunch. Today’s world demands instant results. I’m guilty of this impatience myself – so much so that if I see a tweet with an instagram picture attached, I usually won’t open it due to the extra few seconds it takes to do so. pic.twitter will get opened, Instagram pictures will not!

Google Adwords takes minutes to set up. Your business can be getting sales from Adwords within an hour. You must be careful here as you can’t rush the setup and use all of Google’s default Adwords settings – this is a sure way to lose money. But when you compare the speed of getting an Adwords account together with SEO, there is only one winner and this is what makes Adwords so attractive to businesses. If they decide they want to spend some money on online advertising, they can do it right now.


3) You can target people with the intent to buy

Much has been made of Facebook’s plethora of targeting options. It’s great that you can target a certain age range, gender, people who are interested in cars, people in a specific location etc. You can get your ad in front of the people who you think are a perfect fit for your business. However, ask yourself this question – why are these people looking at Facebook? The answer to this reveals the fatal flaw of social media lead generation – they are not logging onto Facebook because they are interested in buying your product or service. They are logging onto Facebook to see what their friends are up to, to post some bragging or moaning status, or to post a picture of their dinner. Facebook users do not go there with the intent to buy.

With Adwords it’s totally different. If someone wants to buy a vacuum cleaner, they will do a Google search for vacuum cleaner, or ‘best vacuum cleaner’, or ‘vacuum cleaner under $100′. You do not have to show them an ad which over-promises or contains a sensational claim in order to capture their attention. They are primed to buy. They may even have their credit card in their hand before they click your ad. A click on your Adwords ad is far more likely to result in a conversion than a click on your Facebook ad, regardless of how well your Facebook targeting options are set up.

The moral of the story is this: stop listening to social media ‘gurus’ who bang on about how great Facebook is for your business. Adwords is King, and always will be unless Apple or Bing can steal it’s crown. That isn’t happening any time soon…

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