How to create the perfect landing page for your PPC campaign

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – without a well-optimised landing page, your PPC campaign is doomed. What things do you need to do to create the perfect landing page for a PPC campaign?

1. Strip out unnecessary distractions

You’re paying for every visitor who clicks on your ad, so you’d better get them to buy your stuff and preferably the first time round (so you don’t have to give Google more money through a re-marketing campaign). Any fluff which doesn’t lead a potential buyer down the purchase path should be removed. For instance, prominent links at the top of the page to ‘About us’ or other pages should be removed and placed at the bottom of the landing page. They need to be there, but they don’t need to be above the fold.

2. Use colours to your advantage

Colours can make a HUGE difference to your conversion rate. They can make a site seem too tacky, or a product seem too expensive. They can give a sense of trust or they can make a site hard to read. They can make a site look professional or unprofessional. I generally use soft greens or blues. I don’t think the design of your website is of paramount importance – this accolade goes to the layout and inclusion of all the elements of a highly converting website – but the colours you choose can go a long way to improving your conversion rate. Colours can be used like arrows to draw your visitor’s eye to a certain piece of content or a call-to-action like a submit button. Use them wisely and you’ll see good results.

3. Use visual cues

I’ve just mentioned colours, but there are other visual cues you can use to increase your conversion rate from click to lead or click to sale. I’m talking about subtle arrows that direct a person’s line of vision to whatever you want them to look at. Big, bold submit buttons on application forms. Clear steps for a potential customer to follow using images and icons. Remember that images of people can really instil trust in your brand and business. People like to buy from people.

4. Use social proof

People like to buy from people. They also like to buy what other people have bought, and liked. Social proof like testimonials about your product or service are invaluable. They urge the visitor to perform the final step and complete that application or make that purchase, so use them wisely. Use social media plugins with caution. Ask yourself this question: are you more likely to buy from a company with 10 likes or 10,000 likes?

5. Use short application forms

Consider that mobile is overtaking internet access from desktops and laptops fast. But we all still experience drops in signal on our mobiles or tablets, and the process of filling in an application form on a phone is not exactly pleasant. So make it as easy as possible, by reducing the application form to 5 or 6 fields only. Get your purchase process as streamlined, quick and simple as possible and you’ll see an upswing in your conversion rate from PPC.

6. Be consistent

You’ve already served your visitor an ad which has piqued their interest and made them click on it. Now you must repeat the same message on your landing page, to reinforce your offering. Offer something which is different to your ad and you’ll lose customers. Simple.


These tips will improve your conversion rate from your PPC campaigns. If you want a PPC consultant with 10 years of experience to have a look at your site and/or campaign free of charge, get in touch here


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