How to ensure your PPC campaign succeeds

PPC campaigns are very quick to set up. You can be earning money within a day or two. In order for a PPC campaign to truly succeed though, you need to look closely at your GOALS. These should be to provide a long-term, low maintenance income source for either you or your clients. You can achieve quick wins with PPC in terms of traffic, but take your eye off conversion and you are likely to fail.

Don’t pay too much attention at the beginning to Google Adwords dashboard stats which show CTR from impression to click. All you should be concerned with is the conversion rate from click to sale. Every click costs your business money, so make sure you’re giving that visitor every incentive to buy what you’re selling right there and then. You can try remarketing by all means, but I would be asking why that visitor didn’t buy from you the first time, and making improvements to increase that conversion rate. Conversion rate can be maximised by providing a smooth customer journey from initial ad impression through to sale, making the most of different devices i.e. mobile, and ensuring that your website is fully optimised for conversion.


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Michael Madew

PPC expert with over 10 years' experience in creating and managing highly profitable PPC campaigns on Google Adwords, Bing Ads and other paid search platforms.

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