An Example of a Great Remarketing Ad

I don’t generally advise my clients to use remarketing. My theory is this: if you can’t get the customer to convert the first time, work on your website to improve the conversion rate rather than paying Google some more money to get them back again. But today I saw a remarketing ad aimed squarely at me, and it was very effective.

Here’s the ad, it’s from Hanapin Marketing and it’s advertising their upcoming PPC conference, HeroConf:

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 14.11.04


The first thing that got my attention was the headline. Hate remarketing ads? Well yes I do, I generally see them as a waste of money. Then the subtle but visible arrow drew my line of vision nicely down to the next line: ‘discuss with the pros at Hero Conf 2014′. I already know quite a bit about this conference. I’ve obviously visited the website (which triggered the ad), I know it’s in April in Austin, Texas. I clicked the ad and returned to the website, and then my wife entered the room:

“Hey, you know this conference I’ve been telling you about, the one in Texas next month?”

“Erm, yeah?”

“Well I think it would be really useful to attend. It’s a shame it’s so far away from where we live”

I then realised that clever remarketing from Hanapin had reeled me in and got their conference right back at the front of my mind. If I have one criticism it’s that I’m in the UK and the conference is in Texas – I don’t fancy the idea of a 13 hr flight and this is why I probably won’t be buying a ticket for the event. Maybe Hanapin should look at limiting their ads by location? Other than that, this ad is a great example of the power of remarketing and although it won’t work in many niches, it certainly worked on me.

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