How Large Companies Love to Waste Money on PPC!

As a PPC consultant for mainly small to medium sized businesses I have to keep a close eye on campaigns to ensure that no money is being wasted. Nothing irks me more than companies throwing money down the drain with PPC (or into Google’s coffers), yet I see examples of it every day. And for some reason large brands seem to be the biggest culprits.

Maybe it’s because they’re generally more visible. Perhaps their agency has sold them the idea of PPC for branding, and they must secure that top position no matter the cost. Maybe they’ve got more money than they know what to do with. Maybe they’ve got so much going on that they take their eye off the ball. Or perhaps they view PPC as a much better place for budget than less-measurable avenues such as TV or radio advertising, so they’re happy to chuck away hundreds of thousands per day on basic PPC errors?

Whatever the reason, there’s no doubt that certain large brands waste huge sums of money on PPC. Not all of course – many do it very effectively, and there is much to be learned from how these super-brands manage their PPC in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

As I revealed in a previous post, even Google get their PPC horribly wrong at times, although it doesn’t really matter for them for obvious reasons. But other large companies will be paying for mistakes such as ads linking to websites which are suffering from downtime, or ads linking to error pages. Take a look at where the Cineworld ad linked to this morning:


Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 09.42.59


Their website is now back up, and it’s not clear how long it was down for. But serving ads for a website which is down not only costs money, it can also leave a bad impression of the brand in question. What’s more, it’s so easily fixed! I use a service called Uptime Robot which sends me a notification as soon as a site goes down, and another to let me know when it’s back up. There are plenty of software companies out there offering the same thing.

Here are some other ways large companies waste money on PPC:

– Always occupying top spot. Many want to be top of the pile, but this wastes money in terms of conversion rate – it’s much better to be second or third, or towards the top of the right hand side for traditional desktop search.

– Using automated bidding software. This can save time, avoiding the manual process of bid adjustment. But what happens when 3 or 4 companies are also using using automated bid management software for the same keywords? Everyone’s bids go up, leaving one winner – Google.

– Not optimising their landing page for PPC. Things like top navigation on PPC landing pages can be confusing and distracting for the customer, who just wants to see more information about what they have just read on the ad they clicked on, and an opportunity to buy. Some large brands don’t even bother with landing pages – this is a big mistake in my opinion.

– Not creating a mobile version of their website. This one probably applies to smaller companies more than large brands. Bidding on mobile PPC without a mobile version of your website is a recipe for disaster. The worst example I’ve seen of this is a mobile web design company appearing in top position for ‘mobile web design’ without having their own mobile version. Shocking!

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