PPC Managers – How to use your knowledge of PPC to make passive income

Calling all PPC managers! Are you happy trawling through keyword spreadsheets all day? Ok maybe you are, but you probably feel that your skills should be earning you a bit more money. It’s not that difficult, and I’m going to briefly tell you how to do this. You have a huge head start here as you already know Adwords & Bing like the back of your hand.

Step 1: Choose a profitable niche

Go for an industry which pays a high price per validated lead. Something around the $50 mark is a good starting point. A valid lead should be an online application for something where the criteria isn’t too tight. Something like home improvements or insurance quotes or something. Check out affiliate networks and see what those guys are offering.

Step 2: Get compliant

Make sure at this stage that you have all things covered legally – in the UK you need to have Data Protection Registration (£35 per year) before you can handle online applications.

Step 3: Find the right lead buyer

Choose one in the niche you’ve selected who are already spending heavily on PPC. You can do PPC better than them, so you can produce cheaper leads for them than their own efforts.

Step 4: Speak to the right person

Use your contacts, or Twitter & LinkedIn to get the name of their New Business or Marketing Head, then call and ask for them by name as if they’re expecting your call. If this fails, send your email FAO: Mr Marketing Guy. Even if you speak to them, they’ll likely ask you to send an email with more info, so have this prepared.

Step 5: Set up a trial

Pitch them the idea of a short lead trial (maybe 50-100 leads) which if successful for them could turn into a long term deal. Your leads are produced via PPC and won’t cannibalise their own efforts as you won’t be bidding on their brand. Get a 1 page agreement in place and signed.

Step 6: Get your website done

At this stage you don’t have a domain. Get one which ideally has the main keyword of the product/service in it, so it’s clear to potential applicants what you do. You’re going to be sourcing a quote for them, so let them know that. Build your website yourself or get a developer to do it – you can find a cheap one on Elance or ODesk. Match your application form to the criteria for valid leads they’ve asked for in the agreement. Ideally you want as short a form as possible.

Step 7: Test 

Set up your form so that leads are emailed to you and at least 2 people in their organisation, so that you know they are definitely getting the leads as they come in. If the trial is successful you (and they probably) will want to move to XML delivery, but for an initial trial, this method keeps your development costs low in case it doesn’t work out. Thoroughly test your form to check that everything is work and leads are being received.

Step 8: Your Adwords campaign

Set up your Adwords campaign, and/or Bing. I shouldn’t need to tell you how to do this…

Step 9: Go live

Start producing leads. Make sure you’re paid (upfront is best but 7 days can work). If you do have 7 day terms start slow on the volume so you reduce your risk. Keep in constant contact with the lead buyer so you can tweak your campaign and make sure that the leads are of the highest quality possible. Remember, a long-term arrangement is your goal here, not a flash in the pan failed lead trial. Replace any dud/hoax leads. You’re an Adwords expert, so it shouldn’t be long before you’re profitable.

Step 10: Scale

Rinse & repeat. Add keywords. Get one of their competitors interested to push up your cost per lead. As soon as you’re in profit with this, you can virtually let it run itself. The hard work is done at the start. After that, you’re earning passive income.


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About The Author

Michael Madew

PPC expert with over 10 years' experience in creating and managing highly profitable PPC campaigns on Google Adwords, Bing Ads and other paid search platforms.

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