Why PPC Simply Does Not Work

There has been a flurry of articles recently about how PPC does not work. As someone who has earned a full-time income (often with part-time hours) from Google Adwords over the past decade, I thought I had better jump on this bandwagon. Here are some great reasons why PPC doesn’t work. Don’t do it, because if you do it means more competition and less profit for the rest of us:


1) Who wants quick results? Life is too long for PPC

Why would anyone want to be making money within a few hours of setting an advertising campaign live? Life is too hectic these days, we should all be more lazy. Instead of employing a PPC expert, get an SEO agency to spend a year ‘optimising’ your site for a ridiculously high cost and no guarantee of any results whatsoever. Instant results are SO last year.

2) [not provided]

We should be respecting users’ privacy, and that means logging into Google Analytics, clicking ‘Audience’ > Keywords > Organic, and wistfully staring at the words ‘[not provided]’ at the top for a few minutes, while your imagination blissfully wonders what weird and wonderful phrases people could possibly have been typing in to find your website. Adwords will tell you exactly what people are searching for to find your website, but seriously – what kind of company wants that kind of critical information these days?

3) Money is unimportant

Who cares if a TV ad gives absolutely no idea what kind of return you’re getting for your money – you’ve got a TV ad goddammit! The fact that Adwords and other PPC platforms can track sales down to exact keyword, allowing you to work out exactly how much the advertising is costing you, is irrelevant. Go for the vastly more expensive TV, radio, billboard or newspaper advert. Or if you really want to splash out, try a banner ad.

4) Facebook is much better

Every man and his dog is on Facebook. Just for a second, try to ignore the fact that there are only 3 reasons people actually visit Facebook – to moan about something, to brag about something or to stalk people – and spend all your money on Facebook Ads. This is an especially great tactic if you’re selling an information product that contains little in the way of information.

5) We should all be working harder

If you’ve seen my recently published Udemy course, ‘How to Make Money Using Google Adwords’, you will know how easy it is to use Google Adwords as an additional stream of passive income. I have used it as a primary stream of virtually passive income for 8 years now, but who wants money that they don’t have to work very hard for? I’d rather be working 24/7, 365 days a year. Who wouldn’t?

6) PPC is so uncool

Those of us who regularly contribute to the #ppcchat community on Twitter are just a bunch of geeks who are forever staring at Excel spreadsheets and get a kick out of using modified broad match keywords. PPC is uncool, there’s no getting away from it. Nobody really wants highly-targeted, profit-making traffic to their websites these days. Much better are buzzwords such as ‘content marketing’, ‘big data’ and ‘Twitter cards’. Instead of wasting your money on traffic that actually converts into sales for your business, get an app done. Or start a podcast.


I hope this article has thoroughly dissuaded you from spending any money on PPC. It means less competition for the rest of us. I look forward to seeing your TV ad soon.

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