Google Adwords Success for Small Business – a quick ‘How to’

Google Adwords can be extremely daunting for a small business. As a small business owner, you may have the following questions:

– How can I make sure costs don’t spiral out of control?

– How am I going to find the time to run a successful Google Adwords campaign?

– Where do I learn what to do to ensure success?

– Do I take the advice offered to me by Google?


This article is designed to give you, the small business owner, the knowledge you need to make sure that your Google Adwords campaign has the very best chance of success. If you don’t think you have time to implement these changes to your account yourself, you can hire us to do it for you.


1. Get a free account review

Intelligent PPC offers a free Adwords account review with absolutely no obligation attached. We will take a quick look at your account, highlight areas which could be improved and where you are wasting money, and suggest money-saving changes to each campaign. If we don’t feel like we can improve your campaign, we will tell you and we don’t take things any further. Following this review, you can hire us to either manage your campaigns, or provide consultancy via Skype, or train your staff in-house – it’s up to you. Contact us for your free Adwords account review here


2. Check your mobile settings

One key reason that many Adwords accounts bleed money with no return is because they are advertising their non-mobile-optimised websites on mobile devices. People are clicking on your ad, not enjoying the experience and leaving without buying or applying, which costs you money. Unfortunately when creating a new Adwords campaign, Google does not give you the option to opt-out of mobile devices – so many small businesses are opting-in by default, often unwittingly. It’s a very simple fix – go into a campaign, go to settings, devices, then adjust your mobile bid accordingly. Decreasing by 100% ensures that your ads will not show on mobile devices.


3. Get a mobile-optimised website

Opting-out of mobile is going to save you money, but until you have a mobile website which is optimised for PPC conversion, you are missing out on a huge money-making opportunity. You will probably find that most of your competitors are yet to create a mobile version of their website – it’s seen as too costly, too time-consuming. But you can outsource this job – The Art of Mobile provides mobile versions of websites from just a few hundred pounds, with proven conversion rates of 30-40% click to lead.


4. Make sure your site works on tablets

More and more people are buying tablets – if you check your analytics, you will find that a significant proportion of your traffic comes from devices like iPads. If your site does not work well on a tablet then you are going to be wasting money – the problem is that Google no longer allows you to ‘opt-out’ of tablet traffic, so you need to fix any problems here. Pay particular attention to application forms, which may not work so well when used by fat fingers on small tablets like the iPad mini.


5. Start small and grow

Group small clusters of related keywords into individual ad groups, this way your ads can be very highly-targeted. This does 2 things: it increases your quality score, and increases your click-through-rate (CTR), which pushes your quality score up even higher. This reduces the actual cost you pay per click, and increases the position of your ad on the search results page. Until you’re seeing positive results from your small campaign, don’t go adding thousands of keywords – your campaigns will quickly become unmanageable and it will end up costing you money. Start small, and grow once profitable. There is a certain amount of trial and error involved here, and as a small business you want to limit your liability by keeping your tests to a minimum.


For loads more help and advice about PPC in general, read the rest of the Intelligent PPC blog. If you’re interested in hiring us to give your Adwords campaign a massive competitive advantage, get in touch for your free Adwords account review.

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